swell [swel]
swelled, swelled or swollen, swelling [ME swellen < OE swellan; akin to Ger schwellen, ON svella]
1. to increase in volume or become larger as a result of pressure from within; expand; dilate
2. to become larger at a particular point; curve out; bulge; protrude
3. to extend beyond or above the normal or surrounding level
4. to form swells, or large waves: said of the sea
5. to be or become filled (with pride, indignation, self-importance, etc.)
6. to increase within a person, as a feeling [the anger swelling in him]
7. to increase in size, force, intensity, degree, etc. [membership swelled to a thousand]
8. to increase in volume or loudness
to cause to swell; specif.,
a) to cause to increase in size, volume, extent, degree, etc.
b) to cause to bulge or protrude
c) to fill with pride, indignation, etc.; inflate; puff
d) to cause (a tone, chord, etc.) to increase in loudness
1. a part that swells, bulge; curve; protuberance; specif.,
a) a large wave that moves steadily without breaking
b) a piece of rising ground; rounded hill or slope
2. a swelling or being swollen
3. an increase in size, amount, extent, degree, etc.
4. Informal
a) a person who is strikingly stylish, esp. in dress
b) a person of social prominence
5. an increase in loudness of sound
6. Music
a) a gradual increase in volume (crescendo), usually followed by a gradual decrease ( decrescendo)
b) a sign (< >) indicating this
c) a device for controlling the loudness of tones, as in an organ
[ME swelle, tumid, proud]
1. Informal stylish; very fashionable
2. Slang first-rate; excellent: a generalized epithet of approval

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